Amelie & Daniel:
A Legacy Of Giving.

Photo By: Robin Noguier

We’re raising funds to support the families of local victims of the Sri Lanka Easter bombing, and improve local medical facilities.

On Easter Sunday, Amelie and Daniel Linsey were killed as they ate breakfast at the Shangri-La hotel in Colombo.

Alongside them, over 250 others lost their lives, most of them Sri Lankans.

Amelie and Daniel were loving, caring people. We hope to continue their giving spirit by providing support to the local victims’ families and communities, and working to improve trauma-care facilities and training countrywide. We aim to help provide those affected with both the physical and social infrastructure to rebuild their lives.

May those who lost their lives in the Easter attack rest in peace. We aim not to move on, but to continue in their giving and loving ways.

Ongoing Education.

Photo By: Etienne Boulanger

Education for children of the victims, and for those left without a source of income due to the attacks.

Housing and counselling for the families of the victims. Working with guidance from existing charities, including the Senehasa Association to help us deal with all regulatory affairs and to advise us on where our donations will make the most positive impact.

Counselling & Housing.

Photo By: Alexandr Podvalny

Trauma Response Training.

Photo By: JC Gellidon

Flying out medical leaders to train local emergency response teams in trauma-related emergencies.

In a country where over 3000 people die on the roads each year, this equipment will have also uses far beyond responding to terror attacks. Sri Lankan hospitals were lacking many pieces of vital diagnostic and surgical equipment. We aim to provide some of these including:

FAST portable Ultrasound and MRI Machines allowing surgeons to map the body prior to surgery, enabling surgeries to be conducted faster, more safely and with better prognosis.

Ventilators, to enable artificial respiration. A ventilator allows doctors to keep a patient alive while critical procedures are being performed.

Trauma Medical Equipment.

Photo By: Piron Guillaume


We greatly appreciate your donations and continuing support in raising the Foundations profile. Should you have a question or a Press Enquiry please get in touch via the contact form.

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